A warm welcome to our website and we wish that you will be one of our frequent visitors. It is also our hope that this will enable members of the craft outside Bahrain and others who are non-Freemasons to obtain information about our organization and some of the charitable works that we are involved in. May this help to re-establish links on brethren who have left our shores.

our GOAL is to enjoy each others company, develop team spirit, fellowship and be a good citizens in the Kingdom of Bahrain by practicing the highest moral and social standards in friendship, charity and integrity.

our MISSION is to  inspires existing members to be active and continue their Masonic education, brings value to the community and creates interaction with the entire Masonic PHAMily in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

our VISION is to promote the Masonic Values of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth in ourselves by actively developing our knowledge on these principles and sharing them with others.