Issue No. 2 Series 2019 June

Feed the Workers 1 & 2

Giving a little or involving on a community voluntary works became a norms of the lodge before accepting any candidates to have their first entrance into the lodge.

With that, seven (7) candidates showed willingness to follow the lodge tradition by sponsoring fifty (50) packs of arabian meals and distributed on a small labor’s camp at Barbar last 17 May 2019. Nine members of the lodge joined their cause together with the JRJ 172’s WM & SD.

...and again

On July 5, Eid Holiday. The craft spent eid holiday receiving smiles and signs ofgratitude from fellow workers as the lodge records its 230th meals shared. The lodge wishes to thanks all who dedicate and spare times, also to mention the lodge “Tita Minda” who contributed most of the packageat this time. Well done brothers &sisters!

Lodge Visitation

Saturday, 23 March 2019, the lodge support James R. Jones Military Lodge No. 172 to initiate their 8 candidates on first degree of masonry. The delegation led by WM
Ganayo together with Bro. JW Raul, Bro. SD Rivera & Bro. JD Reed.

Another experience that all members of Tri-Step Lodge 99 are encourage to join on their free time, as real
masonic knowledge are best learn thru walk and talk..

The Class of Tylos

Friday, 22 March 2019, the most awaited time has come to begin the journey of the class – by being raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason – Bro. Jigs, Bro. John, Bro. Bim, Bro. Romel & Bro. Omar; and Bro. Louie (inset), also a member of the class been raised a month later due to his family holiday – seven (7) dedicated and tested brothers of Tri-Step Lodge No. 99 finally joined the rolls.

Another milestone been set by the Tri-Step 99 – filling the lodge with 21 brothers with full of brotherly love and  affection, the duly obligated Master Masons been assisted by two 33rd Degree Mason, GIG Jerry Merit and GIG  Edward McGowan and four visiting brothers form James R. Jones Military Lodge No. 172.

Travel Lights Brothers!

When a Brother is about to depart, sadness is felt on the lodge but thinking their future endeavor and for the good of brother’s career and family – the lodge always wishes all
the best, to Bro. Dan & Bro Joefrey who left our shore on May 30 & June 8 respectively, your valuable dedication and support to the lodge and to the craft will always be remember.

Farewell dinner were celebrated in 2 different occasion to give the brotherly love for once and for all. The lodge wishes you and your family good health & wealth, see you later brothers!!!

The Class of Awal

Seven poor blind candidates made their first entrance to the lodge on 25th of May, coinciding with the birthday of now Bro. Paul together with his six cable-tows Bro. Gerard, Bro. Louie, Bro. Marq, Bro. Rahmiel, Bro. Troy & bro. Carl.

It was once again an inspiring degree work performed by the craft of Tri-Step Lodge No. 99. This only proved that study halls and trainings are the foundation of a well-executed works


Although everyone is busy on their respective vocations, still the craft finds time to meet and greet out of lodge business, as everyone’s calling “PHAMily”. The brethren with their wives, children and friends joins the celebration of Bro. Mark’s daughter – Eliza’s 4th Birthday at Luxury Plaza II.


The craft made it regular to stay, chat and enjoy the night among each other every Tuesdays along the street of Gudaybia , enjoying shawarmas and other Arabian delicacies. Hyperactive member also arrange a fun event such a basketball, biking, night crabbing and other means to unwind from daily routined labors.